The Design Center is a single point of entry for customers to submit their projects. We shortened the time to develop new packaging designs to best fit our customers needs.


We design and engineer thermoform plastic, paperboard, and corrugated structures to optimize the overall packaging process.


Our Visual Pak Design Center is a proactive, collaborative group of highly-skilled packaging designers and structural engineers who take a holistic and creative approach to developing packaging solutions for Retail and eCom markets.

How does the Design Center benefit you?


We have shortened our time to develop new packaging design from several weeks to days.

Our fast turnaround allow for your projects to move along quickly and get your products and displays to market as fast as possible.


Samples of paperboard and corrugated structures can be delivered the same day designs are completed.

Thermoform samples can be completed in less than one week from design approvals. All samples are made on-side eliminating shipping costs and time to ship.


Packaging projects move rapidly through a systematic approach -

  • developing structures
  • making samples
  • sourcing samples
  • minimizing labor
  • improving pallet layours

The design team is able to drive reductions by reducing the amount of packaging, eliminating labor steps, and driving automation in converting and contract packaging.

Our holistic approach of total cost management uncovers cost saving across the supply chain.

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