Auto-Bottom Cartons: Cost and Design Effective

Looking for a quick folding carton packaging solution?

Consider auto-bottom cartons for your next project.

Consider auto-bottom cartons for your next project. Auto-bottom cartons do not require expensive forming heads, loading magazines, or specialty equipment to erect or form.  Providing increased flexibility, auto-bottom cartons can be formed quickly without equipment. The cartons form efficiently and the interlocked bottom flaps exceed the holding power of a traditional bottom tuck carton; auto-bottom folding cartons are great for heavier products.

Not all printers are capable or focused on auto-bottom cartons.  Norka specializes in auto-bottom cartons.  With dedicated equipment and an experienced team, we take the time to get it right.  To ensure our auto-bottom cartons open properly, we utilize glue detection systems to avoid excess glue and opening issues.  Capable of running at high-speeds, we print and glue cartons that will meet your performance and cost targets. With lines dedicated to auto-bottom cartons, we do what others cannot!

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