Beyond the Blister: Visual Pak Changes Name of Thermoform Division

Visual Pak's thermoforming division, Blisters, Inc., has outgrown its name. The company announced on October 15 that effective immediately, the division is now operating under the name VP Plastics and Engineering to better reflect its growing capabilities as well as new market opportunities.

The thermoforming division, founded in 1980, continues to grow and expand into new markets with new requirements. The name change will more accurately reflect the company's thermoforming and engineering capabilities and offerings. “We are best known for our engineering and thermoform plastic packaging so it is important to adapt our name to align with our product offerings,” said Clayton Bolke, CEO of The Visual Pak Companies. Another reason for the name change is that, according to the company, blister packaging now represents a smaller percentage of the division's overall business as custom trapped blisters, clamshells and tray packaging have become more popular. “Even with a name change, customers know they can still count us for the highest quality and most competitive thermoform packaging solutions,” said Tim Koers, Chief
Operating Officer of The Visual Pak Companies.

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