multi packs and variety packs
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Multi-packs. Bundling. Variety Packs. Club store packaging. Whatever term you prefer, if you need secondary packaging solutions, we can help streamline your supply chain. Our full vertically integrated capabilities allow us to create a finished package all in one location.


With robotics, carton-forming, automatic, semi-automatic, part handling, automated case packing, and carton closing, palletization, and flexible manual lines, we leverage automation to reduce labor and deliver the lowest total cost. We can pack most products in any combination or format, at a high-speed, to provide the most aggressive solutions.

gift set carton
shrink wrap tray
shrink wrap products

Visual Pak brings new products to the market quickly, either in traditional or non-traditional formats. Being able to provide swift and personalized options without compromising quality, speed, or value — brands crush growth and margin objectives alongside The Visual Pak Companies. We invite you to adapt with us.


value packs

Our multi-pack capabilities include:

  • Gift Set Assembly
  • Specialty Kit assembly
  • Custom kit assembly
  • Kit fulfillment
  • Multiple piece kits
  • Shrink banding
  • Promotion Packs
  • Variety Packs
  • Value Packs
  • E-Com Kits
  • Flexibility to support low volume kitting and packaging projects



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