Stocking materials and sheeting to exact specifications sets us apart from many of our competitors.  We buy roll stock in large quantities and convert (sheet) internally. In-house converting enables Norka to create custom sheet sizes for each order.  We optimize layout and sheet size to maximize product output and minimize scrap.  Our efficient and lean processes result in savings that we pass along to the customer

In addition to cost optimization, converting in-house reduces lead time.  Material in stock can  be converted and printing within 24 hours.  Unprecedented flexibility, quick order turn-around, and the shortest lead time, we do what others cannot.

Sheeting of a wide variety of substrates:

  • Paperboard
  • Coated “digital” papers
  • Heat-transfer paper, synthetic paper
  • Text and cover grades

Additional paper converting services:

  • Trimming
  • Die cutting
  • Perfing
  • Scoring
  • Hole punching
  • Folding
  • Gluing
  • Cutting

Norka has the expertise to handle your entire project from converting though packaging.

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